“My art means more to me than just a craft. Part of my happiness and self-worth goes into it, along with pencils. I want to express my feelings of sadness, joy, disdain, or whatever my mind says in my art. It makes me happy to know that even a lingering feeling can be good, that the scars heal. I mix love, glamour, and loss into my artwork in order to leave a mark on my viewers.”- Beatrice Ross Clark

June 22-24, 2018

More to the Point: An Exhibition of Pencil Drawings

We are delighted to host a weekend pop-up show of work by Montclair, NJ resident Beatrice Ross Clark, a 14-year-old recent graduate of Renaissance School. She will be a freshman at Glen Ridge High School in the fall and she enjoys learning French, watching horror movies, and, of course, drawing with pencils. All pieces shown here are high-quality reproductions of Beatrice's original renderings. For purchases, go here.