Our studio, gallery, and imaginarium at 28 South Fullerton Avenue, Montclair, NJ is designed it to be a wonderfully inspiring and flexible space to create, connect, and explore. The events below are ongoing, typically monthly, and feature small-group gatherings and a festive atmosphere. Visit our calendar for the dates and times of our upcoming events!

  • Letter Lounge: An Evening of Letter-writing

In today's fast-paced e-communication age, snail mail is a lost art. That's why we're returning to our love of good old-fashioned letter-writing each month. Our studio has an assortment of our vintage typewriters available, a gorgeous collection of pens, stationery and other goodies (including snacks) and we even provide the postage - just bring your list of addresses and give yourself space and time to connect with loved ones near and far.

  • #SocialSketch: Collaborative Creativity

Make time for your creativity! Gather for an evening sketching, drawing, doodling, collaging, collaborating, and socializing with other creatives. BYOB.

 Social Sketch was started in San Francisco by artists and friends, Courtney Cerruti and Michael McConnell. Mike and Courtney have this to say about #socialsketch: "Community represents the places we go to be known and seen. Community is supporting each other and making connections in ways that can benefit the greater good of us as individuals and society as a whole. . . . Seeing someone take one person's doodle and transform the whole idea is like conversing without talking. It's all really supportive. People are not competing at art but rather embracing the nature of being a creative type."


Everyone has a story to tell. We should all listen. Inspired and designed by Andrea Scher of Superhero Life, STORYbowl offers participants an opportunity to experiment with storytelling in a unique and nourishing way. We gather and pass a bowl of story prompts around the table. Each person tells a true story based on that prompt, then hands the bowl to the person sitting next to them. Participants act as witnesses to the storyteller, not interrupting or making commentary. We keep going, with the bowl making rounds several times, and conclude the evening with shared thoughts and observations. The experience is rich and deep, offering authentic and real-time connection, and providing an unexpected way of finding community. A recent attendee writes,  "It was an exceptional evening, I came away feeling fulfilled and wishing that I had more time to get to know each one of you better."

  • TIny Books, Big Ideas: Miniature Book-Making workshop

Learn how to create your very own miniature book. We'll teach you a variety of folds and structures, and even prompt you with some ideas to fill the pages. All materials are included. Bring the whole family!