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The Soul of Montclair: A Photo Walk with Elaine Schenkel and Nick Levitin

  • The Creativity Caravan 28 South Fullerton Avenue Montclair, NJ, 07042 United States (map)

The Soul of Montclair Photo Walk -  Sunday, September 23rd -  2:30 - 5:00

                                                                                                                                                    Bring your DSLR, IPhone or whatever you take pictures with and join photographers Elaine Schenkel and Nick Levitin on a walk through the streets of Montclair to capture the town’s heartbeat.  How you hear/relate to this heartbeat is unique to your own way of “seeing .” Learn to receive the image and commune with the world around you through the art of contemplative photography. Montclair, like all towns, has many secrets to share with those who are willing to perceive and listen with their cameras.

Participants will meet at The Creativity Caravan to view Elaine's exhibit and then be guided on a walk through Montclair, make a stop to see Nick's exhibition at 73 See Gallery, eventually ending up back at The Creativity Caravan. Wear walking shoes and dress appropriately for weather. 

Event will be rescheduled due to rain. 


Nick Levitin: "I have been a photographer for most of my adult life. Recently I decided to shift my focus from headshots, corporate portraiture and event photography to more personal work and return to black and white photography. In his book."  The Little Book of Contemplative Photography,” Howard Zehr says, “Black-and-white images represent a kind of abstraction. Without the realism of color, we often are encouraged to see things that we might not otherwise notice. Patterns, textures, shapes, and visual movements that we easily miss in color often are revealed more clearly in black and white.”

"I bring to my work a sense of the theatrical moment, often with a focus on solitude, moments of contemplation, and a yearning for connection.”

Levitin holds a BFA from Boston University, School of Fine and Applied Arts and attended Germain School of Photography for Commercial Photography. He started out as an actor, worked in theater and film and then moved into photography as a sort of "day job.” He left acting behind and has been a photographer ever since.

The Gallery, Congregation Shomrei Emunah, Montclair, NJ and The New York Foundation, New York, NY

Elaine Schenkel:  Elaine is a poet who happened to pick up a camera. Ten years ago she brought her first Point-and-Shoot Sony and started to carry it with her when she wandered through the streets and parks of the Montclair area where she lived. Wandering was something she did instinctively and it often emerged in bodies of poems she wrote, books she read and mused over, images that lived inside of her guiding her with the tonality of their feeling.  The camera became her wandering companion.  Through it, she was able to capture a collection of images she refers to as "Anatomy of  Neighborhood: The Poetics of Local Landscape." This body of work explores the question of how we relate to our local environment; what visual depictions are we drawn to, what is our attachment to place ? Elaine's exhibit is currently on display at The Creativity Caravan throughout the month of September.