Vocal Bliss : Vocal Improvisation and The Expressive Arts for Everyone

  • The Creativity Caravan 28 South Fullerton Avenue Montclair, NJ, 07042 United States

Our bodies are living vessels of song, rhythm, story and soul. When we joyfully give voice to the music that flows naturally through us, we connect with our authentic selves and with one another in ways that are enlivening, exhilarating, and creatively empowering. Vocal Bliss is a playful body-based approach to vocal improvisation that supports you to open your voice and bring forth songs from within you through fun and easy to follow guided exercises in singing, movement, gesture, spoken word and rhythm. Come and experience the bliss of expressing yourself spontaneously - mind, body and spirit - with others in a supportive vocal community.

We will do fun vocal warm-ups and play musical games with drones, rhythms, bass lines and ostinatos. You will delight in how beautiful music comes from the diva, dancer, drummer and storyteller that emerges from within you as we explore a variety of forms for vocal improvisation. We will also do Circle Singing, a form of improvised choral singing developed by Bobby Mcferrin that is tribal, energizing, meditative and just plain groovin'! 

Come and be part of this supportive and creative vocal community! No prior singing experience is necessary, and singers of all levels and styles of music are welcome! Come ready to move, play, laugh and learn with your whole being - and step into being out loud!

Instructor Mia Shelton is a jazz vocalist who has been teaching vocal improvisation for thirty years. She loves empowering people to open their voices and discover the joy, healing, and creative power of vocal improvisation. 


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