A magical encounter in Kearny, NJ

Amy says: We've been so busy getting ready for our Tiny Book Show cross-country tour that we haven't had time to stop here and write about all of our amazing East coast events. And there have been some exceptional moments. But yesterday at the Kearny Public Library, just 5 miles or so from our home, we had an experience that took the proverbial cake. Bruce and his older brother and their mother visited The Creativity Caravan after reading about our event on Monday when they stopped by the library. They had moved last weekend from Newark, and their mother told us the first place they went was to the library to sign up for a library card so they could take out books. They thought our show sounded interesting, so they made a note to come back.

When they arrived, Bruce spied Daniel Schrimshire's book in our glass case right away. He said, "I want to make that one." And then he did. He patiently waited for our attention AND he paid attention to every detail to get it just right. He even made a slipcase with Maya's help. And then he asked us who made the original. And we told him that Daniel is a graphic designer in San Francisco, California. His eyes got wide as he exclaimed, "I want to be just like him when I grow up. I want to design lots and lots of books!" And we have no doubt that he will.