The First Day . . .

Bernardsville Library 2.jpeg

The Tiny Book Show made its debut this weekend at the Bernardsville Public Library to help celebrate the second annual NJ Makers Day! We had a great time showing off the tiny books in their temporary display (our friend Chris is building us some incredible displays inside our vintage suitcase set) and encouraging participants to make their own miniature books to take home. People were truly amazed by these unique and delightful creations and spent a lot of time marveling over and reading our tiny tomes.

One father and daughter spent over an hour at our table making books side by side. She filled her pockets with tiny books and he made one to commemorate their day together.

One of our artists, Shirley Supp, stopped by for a peek at her book, "How to Pick Your Friends" and brought some (well-picked) friends who were so delighted with the exhibit that they couldn't help making a purchase (our first!) and are the proud new owners of "The Perks of Being a Middle Child" by Rumson-Fair Haven High School artist, Emily Reynolds. They also read all of the editions of "What's In A Name?" by Todd Sommerfeld and told us that his German translation was excellent. Then they picked up "Mortling," the collaboration between bookbinder Christine Darragh of Dark Oak Bindery and her friends - poet Matthew and artist, Margaret - about taking wool from dead sheep. One of the readers was transported back to her childhood in Germany when she was tasked with pulling bits of sheep's wool off barbed wire fences. The wool was spun by a neighbor in their kitchen and made into itchy underwear by her mother. She recollected the day when she was 6 years old and walking to school when she stopped and stepped behind a tree and removed the awful underwear and continued on to school without them! We were so honored that she shared her memories with us. 

Mortling, by Christine Darragh and friends

Mortling, by Christine Darragh and friends

And then we were paid a visit by Jim Brogan, editor of The Microbibliophile, and his wife Elaine, who are also members of The Miniature Book Society and bookmakers themselves. They regaled us with tales of past Miniature Book Conclaves and gave us some great information about the history of miniature books. We can't wait to visit them at their home in North Branch, NJ to see their extensive collection and to learn more! 

We are deeply grateful to the library for making us part of such a special event, and to everyone who stopped by to see our exhibit and to make tiny books with us! Our next event will be the Spring Fest - an art and eco fest at Rumson Fair Haven High School on April 23.