The United States of You: From Anger to Devotion



We ALL encounter frustration and impatience, and it can be difficult to transform our attention into a more productive, focused, and engaged connection to ourselves and to our surroundings. In Wednesday morning's yoga session, we practiced poses that challenged our comfort levels. We learned how to ground ourselves and find balance and centeredness even as we struggled. We also tried partner poses that required us to simultaneously lean in while supporting another camper's weight. Good practice for life!

After yoga, we tried our hand at image transfers using standard packaging tape to lift off magazine images onto prayer candles, creating transparencies that will glow beautifully once the candles are lit. After lunch, we learned the ancient art of Ebru, or marbling, using our newly honed powers of focus to carefully drip liquid acrylics onto water, then imprinting our mesmerizing patterns on paper. 

The afternoon also included tiny book-making and matchbox books. Once again, the clatter of typewriters could be heard throughout the studio. The girls were busy and it was amazing to watch them collaborate and check in with each other as they plotted and planned their storylines.