All You Have to Do is Dream, Dream, Dream.

Our writing challenge in last week's newsletter was to share some of your dreams with us. Our friend Donna emailed right away with her thoughts:

Dreams are real, they are powerful and carry inspiration along with them.

Webster calls them "a series of thoughts, visions or feelings." I call them life sustaining. Here are a few of mine … and thanks for asking!

I dream of having my third little grandbaby, my grandson with a healthy entrance into this world. He has struggled every step of the way to make it, against all odds, and yet he is due momentarily . . . I dream of hearing his given name, holding him tightly in my arms and leading him through his precious little life; that’s what I dreaming most.

I dream of publishing my own words, my poetry, into a small chapbook…for others to hear the longings of my soul. I want to make a difference with my words.

I dream of retirement, it’s soon approaching…I dream of a slow-down and a peaceful, artful life.

I dream of quiet moments, nurturing my soul, caring for me so that I can care for others. There is so much yet to do!

I dream of aging gracefully, that inheriting dementia from my mother will never unfold. Yes, that is what I truly wish!

We love your dreams, Donna! Thank you for sharing them with us!


Donna Wynn is a Certified Zentangle Teacher and SoulCollage® Facilitator who leads with an artful spirit. You can read more of Donna's writing here