The United States of You: Unstable to Stable, and the 7th Chakra

Our final two days of camp included lots of experimentation with materials, and the girls spilled all over the studio and into the caravan to create. Morning yoga on Thursday focused on achieving balance and stability by grounding our hands and feet and pulling our energy inward; on Friday, we learned about the 7th or Crown chakra, using group and collaborative poses to connect us to the energies of those around us. We had an extra bit of fun learning the poses that correlated with MC Yogi's Chakra Beatbox:


After putting away our mats, we created patterns with alcohol inks on tiles, seeing how the colors intersected and spread.

We wrapped up our "happiness quilt," then created "wish stones" with inspirational words and designs and finished up our wish tags to put in the park so visitors could find them.

We also made a special field trip to Nutley's three Little Free Libraries to donate books and find new books to read. 
At the end of the week, it was time to put together an art show to share with our family and friends. Everybody pitched in arranging the studio, making signs, and designing our exhibit space!

Before everyone arrived, we were treated to a stirring
saxophone performance from Nico!


And then, sadly, it was time to say goodbye. But not before one final farewell from Maude!



Thank you for the incredible week of creativity and camaraderie!