We asked, they answered.

Last week in Maude's Musing, we posed the question, "What would you spend all your money on if given the opportunity?" We asked, they answered. . . . 

These few cents remain
Only to be spent on books
A noble exchange 

~Ceci Perez 

I'd spend all my money to buy land on Norboro Road. I would turn that land it into a nature conservatory.  This road and land holds a special place in my heart. My father used to take us walking up Norboro Road. It was his escape from long days at work and where I could connect with him. It's where I'd learn what song a red-winged blackbird made, how to forage for raspberries, and stick the long roadside grass in my mouth.  I'd watch for salamanders at my feet and stop and visit the fence of the horses that lived there. ~Amy Lee Czadzeck