The United States of You: From Unstable to Stable

Day 4

How do we feel when we are unsteady? We tremble. We wobble. Our breath is rapid and shallow. We are unsure and fearful of falling or failing. Our legs shake. Our voices shake. 

We stabilize ourselves by drawing tighter at our core. By planting our feet firmly on the ground and gazing straight ahead. We are mindful of our breathing. In and out. In and out.

Today we journeyed from unstable to stable by:

  •  Firmly planting our feet and hands on the ground to attempt a Double Dog Dare pose in yoga. (We did it!)
  • Using liquid alcohol inks to marble tile squares for coasters or trivets.
  • Completing our Happiness Quilt.
  • Letting Tal and Maddie - our oldest campers - take the reins and teach us all how to make elves (and dogs and cats and pigs) out of Sculpey polymer clay.


In and out. In and out. Minds clear. Breath strong. Bodies tall and steady. Looking straight ahead. No longer afraid.

Overheard sometime this afternoon: 

“I felt most stable when I was making my magnificent clay dog. I love the way he turned out.”

“I felt most stable when I was outside in the yard searching for bunnies.”

“I felt most stable when I was giving someone else one of my tiles as a gift.”

“I felt most stable when we were in the Double Dog Dare pose and my leg was lifted straight up in the air, toes pointed, breathing easy.” 

“I felt most stable when I was lying in the grass on my back in the sun.”