"Stop Doing" Lists

Last week's Maude's Musings Challenge was to write a "Stop Doing" list and send it to us so we could post it here.

Marc in Canada sent us this.

My “Stop Doing--Top Ten List”, (in honour of the retired Mr. David Letterman and my lifelong hometown Thunder Bay, Ontario’s own, Mr. Paul Shaffer):

Marc, stop;
10. Overeating 
9. Worrying 
8. Complaining 
7. Arguing 
6. Swearing
5. Oversleeping 
4. Anti-socializing 
3. Computer-ing 
2. Staring 
and 1. Procrastinating!  

And from Kelly, who kept it short and simple.
Stop working so much that I don't enjoy life. 


Join us for today's challenge (sent in our newsletter) and we'll post your words here next week! Thanks to Marc and Kelly for playing along.