Math, Science, Social Studies and . . . Typewriters? YES!

We've been busy over here, creating and sending out hundreds of postcards to educators, principals, and PTO officers all over the tri-state area to let them know about our Type Rider in Schools program. We've had amazing feedback about the program and we would love to find more schools we can visit with our dynamic and inspiring writing workshop.

The tactile nature of the typewriters, even simply the clickety clack tap ding is eye-catching and exciting. We love showing them to kids who have never seen a typewriter before. One boy even thought they might be Apple's latest product. We got a big kick out of telling him how old they really are. Our program includes a slideshow about Type Rider II: The Tandem Poetry Tour, a demonstration of typewriters and how they work, as well as a tandem poetry offering, a prompted, timed writing exercise for the class, and group sharing of their own work.

If you are a teacher, administrator, a member of a school Parent-Teacher Organization or if you know someone who might be interested, we would love to talk to you about bringing Type Rider to your favorite school.