July 8, 2014

Amy says . . . 

A Love Poem for Emily

I love that you are seventeen years old and you have already earned a spot on the Wilson Public Library team.

I love that you own 26 head of cattle and two horses.

I love that you won't be able to work at the library during calving season.

I love that you used the word "hippology" today.

I love that the 4-H Club is part of the fabric of your life.

I love that you asked us to write poems about horses so I could remember Eagle August.

I love that you are so earnest.

I love how patiently you waited your turn.

I love the way you photographed things so intently.

I love imagining where your roads will lead you. Cozad is a very good place to start. 


Maya says...

1. Waking groggy. The sun winking through a row of RVs.

2. 10-line Tuesday on a typewriter. How much faster the writing comes like this.

3. Coffee and a shower and filling the water bottles. The routine kicking in, keeping us steady, purposeful. How we are closing the gaps, anticipating what's needed, moving in the dance of true collaboration. 

4. An almost disappointingly short ride. But how, even in the abbreviated space of 10 miles, she pulled me out of my shell, and we laughed, and I learned something new about telling the truth.

5. The chalkboard sign in front of the Cozad library. How a little bicycle drawing gets me giddy.

6. The amble with Stef around the Cozad streets. 

7. How it felt like we were sitting in the seat of a childhood summer.

8. Laurie and her staff wearing their Type Rider t-shirts.

9. Lemonade and iced tea and three kinds of cookies. My poetry book, elevated to the shelves.

10. How each time we tell the story, I learn something new about the story.

11. Late lunch at the Mexican restaurant with confusing decor. The giant elephant out front, the kingfish hung from the walls, the Budweiser posters in Spanish. 

12. The antique stores we wanted to go in, but couldn't. The startle of so many "closed" signs.

13. The 100th Meridian Museum. The volunteer at the front desk who peppered us with questions.

13. Afternoon coffee at the Daily Scoop. Watching the baristas wrangle Stef's iced chai into being. 

14. Leaves of Grass in the back hallway.

15. The drive to a lake we couldn't, in the end, reach by car.

16. Sunset past 9 o'clock. Big E's and a beer. The ogle as we walked in. How much easier it all is with three of us.

17. The new Little Free Library at the Rodeway Inn. Hoping they will build a post and put the box somewhere accessible. 

18. Popcorn and Chopped and speaking in British accents and laughing, laughing, laughing ourselves to sleep.