July 2, 2014

Amy says: 

Mental snapshots from today in no particular order:

 photo by Stefanie ReneeThe Poudre River Trail.


Laura and Melina.

The Community Garden Little Free Library.

The earnest gardeners. 

Our directions pinned to Maya’s back.

The wind.


The heavy ache in my legs after the hills.

Homemade rolls.

Spicy salsa.

The enormous setting sun on Rte. 34.

Two little boys whose middle names are Fox and Bear.

Mamas and Daddies.

Humble arugula.photo by Stefanie Renee

A hearty laugh.





The generosity of strangers.

The smell of fresh sage in Maude tonight.

Maya says:
Robert's waffles, Sadie's cursive, Beth's bear hug. 
Forgetting the coffeemaker. Not turning around. 
The wide bike lines out of Fort Collins. Back roads. Horse companions.
River trails. Gentle curves. Ten miles without cars. Inland beaches. A snake crossing.
Magenta thistles. Mile markers. A stop for bananas. Swigs of water. Salted almonds.
How we talk sometimes and then stop talking. How easy it is.
The trail ending. Detours into Greeley. Hills. The sudden onslaught of strip malls. 
A dubious bike lane. Traffic. 35 miles behind us. The momentum at the last mile.
Lunch at the Mad Cow. Blissfully cold lemonade. A turkey sandwich that did the trick.
Afternoon stroll. Sleepiness. Coffee from The Blue Jar. A gumball machine for art. 
Setting up for the show. A community garden. A church. A pergula. Not expecting what came.
Feeling at home immediately. Warm welcomes. Ann and the library she painted. Trying on t-shirts.
Donating for the cause. Poems for two hours. Carlee's ebullience. The way Grace looks holding a baby. 
Wrapping up. The short drive to the campground. Extension cords to get power. The man who came over help. Giant RVs. A family playing cards on a picnic table. Internet challenges and workarounds. Sleep.