June 25, 2014

Maya says:

Well, we left only an hour later than we thought we'd leave (which is pretty amazing considering the packing job required for this trip), got the bike on the rack and the trailer hitched without any trouble, did a last-minute post office run, went the slightly longer way around to get to the highway to get us to the second and third and fourth highway, got oriented to the sway the trailer makes when a semi comes up behind us, made various and sundry rest stops at state lines (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio), and finally made camp (er, Econo Lodge) at the curious town of Zanesville, OH, where we discovered a hidden gem of a brewery (Weasel Boy, on Muskingum, just past the Y-Bridge), and had our first conversation with a local who turned out to be a librarian (!!) - I complimented her on her t-shirt, which said "Well Red" and featured a graphic with a glass of wine astride an open book. Even though the day was largely spent driving, it has felt very full - lots of well wishes from friends and followers, a couple of phone interviews with local news outfits in Colorado, the alertness we are compelled to have on these highways towing Maude, road trip music that had us (well, Amy), belting it out in the late afternoon, cinnamon Pop tarts and coffee from a vending machine, the clean bathrooms of the welcome center rest areas, a sudden downpour in western Pennsylvania, glances at the Roadside America app to see whether we were near any world-famous balls of yarn (we weren't, but we DID drive by The Miniature Village in Shartlesville, PA). So it has been a full day, and it's time to sleep so we can prepare for an extra long driving day tomorrow. But first, a few photos from the road:



Amy says . . .

9 hours today.

475 miles.

6 ewes on the streets of Zanesville. 

1 wearing ice skates.

This that and the other.

The kindness of strangers.

 Like Lori Wince from Weasel Boy Brewing Company. She asked what we were doing in Zanesville and why we were heading out to Boulder. When we told her about Type Rider II, she bought us 2 pints. And promised to follow our blog.

Weasel Boy is committed to community and collaboration in the same way we are. They promote local artisans, support local businesses, take an active part in community events. And they make a damn good beer. They endeavour to be good citizens and good neighbors. We love that. We found our people in Zanesville.

If you’re ever in Ohio, stop by and grab a pint and tell Lori we sent you!