Girl Scout Poetry

We worked with a group of 5th grade Girl Scouts tonight to complete their Scribe badge. They made tiny books and wrote collaborative stories on the typewriters with starters like, Someone slipped a letter under my door . . . and The taxi driver told me this crazy story . . .  and When the elevator doors opened . . .

We read them poetry by Naomi Shihab Nye and a few poems written by young people compiled in a book called Ten-Second Rainshowers.

Then we asked them to write 3 lists.

• 3 things they overheard today.

3 things they noticed on their way to or from school today.

3 questions they have about their life in this moment right now.

After they completed these lists, we prompted them to write a poem using one of the things they noticed and incorporating any of the other items from their list into their piece. They wrote lines like these:

"The snow will cover the ground like a soft blanket and all of the seasons will do their job."

"If things could talk, would leaves say, 'I refuse to fall'?

"If words could talk, would they say, 'Stop using me'?

"If I could speak my feelings, would I say, "why are people mean?"

"Are there no words in time?"