photo by Lisa Parks
photo by Anna Oginskyphoto by Maya Pagan

We had the good fortune of being asked to teach two writing classes at Serendipity this year. This retreat is pure gold. A brilliant duo at the helm. A gorgeous seaside location. A lineup of talented guides to swoon over. And a bevy of beautiful, soulful students who are courageous enough to say Yes. Some of them step far out of their comfort zone to be there: introverted or on the quiet side, dealing with some of the big life issues (loss, grief, self-doubt), leaving family behind, partners, small children, aging parents. Some are perfectly at home in this setting. But everyone recognizes what a gift we give ourselves to trust our intuition, take a leap of faith, and allow ourselves time to learn and grow and gather tools for the work we do in our everyday lives.

We were honored to guide two incredible groups of women who signed up to write in community with us and to dig deeper into their bodies of work. 

We wrote about doors. The ones we close and the ones we open.

We wrote about holding on. And letting go.

We wrote letters to our former selves. 

We prompted new writing with words that mattered to us. 

We trusted.

We pushed.

We shared our stories and our frustrations.

We showed up.

We shut down.

We showed up again.

And again.

We made tiny books.

We read our stories out loud.

We allowed someone else to read our stories to us so we could hear them better.

We ran a foot race with eggs on a spoon.

We wrote on the sand and let the water carry our words away.

We were bathed in golden sunrises and burnt orange sunsets.

We were soothed by the ocean and the breeze.

We were gifted song and nourishment.

We were warmed by firelight.

We were spilling over with laughter and friendship and love.

And we carried it all home where it will stay with us for a very long time. 

. . . . .

We loved teaching at Serendipity so much we decided to turn one of our classes into a live online class! "Writing the Collective: Transcending Creative Solitude" is now a four-week e-course that we'll be conducting through the downloadable video conferencing platform Oovoo. Go here to learn more and register!