Summer 2013

Time for an update on Maude!

Summer has been coasting by and has been filled with lots of activity - three BraveGirlsArt camps, a Summer Writing Camp for Adults, visits from friends, and a 10-day road trip through seven states. Meanwhile, John McCann - our trailer guru - has only a few screws and patches to go before he packs up his tools. He's installed new sink in the bathroom as well as a plumbing system that will work with the water hookups at any campgrounds we visit, has fixed up our electrical system, and made some important structural repairs.

Our seamstress extraordinaire, Debbie Bartell, is rounding the corner toward completion of all the cushions and curtains. We've already got the booth seats - with their irresistibly sweet robin's-egg-blue piping - and the back couch cushions (two-sided patterns!!) came yesterday. Remaining are the top bunk cushions and the seersucker pinstripe curtains. Almost there!!

Meanwhile, we've been plotting and planning for Maude's exterior paint transformation. We'd already shined up the middle gold panel with acetone a few weeks ago, and after a few test strips and some YouTube tutorials, we opted for a DIY spray-paint job. We taped up each section and began the work yesterday, with an flat black enamel for the lower panels.

Up next is a a pale blue stripe on top of the gold to match the piping of our cushions and one of the flags in our logo, as well as a fresh coat of white paint for the top.

In related news, Joanne Rose, our insanely talented web designer, has been moving and grooving on our website, and we have launched our first Food for the Soul Train e-course, "Kitchenanigans: A Culinary Storytelling Workshop," which offers 30 days of photo and writing prompts, as well as a private Facebook group for sharing, all for just $30. Starts September 9!! Go here for more information and to register:

Here are more photos of Maude-in-progress:

Tools of the trade
One of our mascots
Checkerboard flooring

Lighting 2

Corner repair and stain

Guiding principles

Booth cushions left

Booth cushions right

Dinner in Maude!

Tape prep 1

Tape prep 2

Tape prep 3

Office for a day!

Debbie's double-sided cushions!