Maude Launch

And we're off!

Drove home Sunday morning with Maude rumbling behind us. The feeling of a 1,600-pound tin can tugging behind you is a little odd, like if someone were to grab onto your belt loops and pull while you were trying to run. The car felt sluggish and ate up gas like you wouldn't believe, but we managed to pull up to the house before we drained the tank entirely. Amy's dad helped us back the trailer up into the driveway, and there it now rests as we contemplate next steps: a power wash, inquiries into some carpentry work, looking into RV resources for some of the parts we want to replace (the door, specifically), talking to the neighbor about hiring her to make new cushions and pillows, geeking out with color palettes, etc.

It's going to be so much fun to document this project of ours, and to see Maude transform into the mobile creativity space we're designing. We plan on updating our progress once a week, so be sure to check back in and see what's happening!

- Maya & Amy